18 Artists

Feb. 21-March 28, 2013
Anna Walter, Bird Watch:Artcity Arnold Wechsler, Wounded Hip Carol Massa, Eye of the Creator David Cerulli, Icon XLIX Emily Rich, Abstract Expression with Blue Stroke Eva Deutch Costabel, Times Square Flo Fox, Flatiron & Neighbor Jonathan Bauch, House of the Tsunami Leslie Shaw Zadoian, The Way It Was the Day After Margo Mead, Apathy Reeks Havoc Marilyn Sontag, Plateau Series #3 & 4 Weather Reports Robert Ludwig, Untitled Robert Petrick, Fractured Salvatore Romano, Crossing the Red Sea Salvatore Romano, Lift Off Sara Petitt, Wall 1 Sheila Schwid, Clio Loves Yellow Vera Sapozhnikova, Museum World Hedy O'Beil, Celebration