What You See is What You Get

July 31-August 21, 2014

Angela Valeria, The Deerness of Vanishing Moment Arnold Wechsler, Spring Street Figure Drawing Carol Massa, Picasso Head David Cerulli, First Light David Cerulli, Stormy Weather Edward Burden, I Love My Work Edward Fausty, No. 3861 Jet Trail Edward Fausty, No. 8031 Plow in Bushes Ellen Wallenstein, Crivelli Back and Forth Flo Fox, Shades of a Family Henriette Simon Picker, Coney Island John Folchi, Tee Shirts, White Socks John Whittaker, 14th and 9th John Whittaker, Father Duffy Square Kate Missett, Kids in the City Kate Missett, Worried Tiger Larry Davis, Downspout Larry Davis, Jade Plaques Larry Davis, Welcome, No Photos Larry Davis, Window Shade Lindsay, It Might Rain Liz Curtin, Ladies in Waiting Luis C Stephenberg, Estudia para Frecuencia Supendidall II Margo Mead, The Coming of Pandora Olivia Beens, Mommy Dearest Robin Gaynes Bachman, Fred Sara Petitt, White Temple Sheila Schwid, Where Am I? Where Am I Going? Charles Ramsburg Meadow II