Community Elder Mistreatment & Abuse Prevention Program (CEMAPP)

CEMAPP is a collaboration between the Carter Burden Center and One Stop Senior Services developed to combat the growing problem of elder abuse. With the Burden Center serving as lead agency, we assist individuals over 60 years of age that reside above 59th Street from the East River to the Hudson River. CEMAPP is partially funded through the New York City Department for the Aging.

Elder Abuse – A Hidden Problem

No one talks about Elder Mistreatment and Abuse. It is a shameful secret, kept hidden behind closed apartment doors. Elder abuse does not discriminate; it occurs in all families from all races, nationalities and income groups.

What is Elder Abuse and Mistreatment?

Financial Abuse/Exploitation: Illegal or unethical use of cash, credit cards or other assets.

Psychological Mistreatment: Insults, threats, name calling, isolating or controlling behavior.

Neglect: Failure to provide adequate food, medicine or other personal needs.

Physical Abuse: Shoving, poking, slapping, cutting, burning, sexual coercion, or forcibly restraining.


  • Safety planning
  • Crisis counseling
  • Court advocacy
  • Legal guidance
  • Coordination with the police
  • Community education programs
  • A safe place to talk

For further information or to obtain a consultation call Michelle Galligan, LMSW at 212-879-7400 ext. 116 or email

For more detailed information on elder abuse:
National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
National Center on Elder Abuse
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys